Monday, 28 November 2016

You've got to be 'Avvoin a laugh | By Harrison

You may have already seen on Foody Friday that I'm slightly obsessed with Avocado on toast. And yes, I thought I was being hilarious with the title of this blog post. 

So today, I thought I would show you the quickest and easiest way to make the perfect Avocado on toast. 

Step 1: 
- Pick the perfect Avocado, take the stone out and mush it up on a bowl. The best thing to use is a fork for this. 
- Once mashed to your preferred consistency, add a little seasoning of Salt, Pepper and I like to add a little chilli powder. 
- Give another good mash around until all blended together nicely. 

Step 2: 
- Toast a slice or two of bread until golden brown. I like to have my toast slightly under-done so I put the toaster to setting 3. 
- Once toasted, cover the toast in Sriracha. For those of you unaware of Sriracha... GET AWARE!
- If you don't like hot sauce, try something like a sweet chilli sauce instead. 

Step 3: 
- Cover the toast with your earlier prepared Avocado. AND ENJOY! 

It really is as simple as that, a really quick, easy and tasty treat. Perfect for a weekend lunch or a little snack. 

Now, just a little warning: This will be the last non-festive post for a while... something very exciting is coming on Thursday! 
Clue: Thursday will be the 1st of December. 
I will see you back here, 9:00am on Thursday! 

| Harrison |