Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Love For Walks | Photography By Harrison

I am very fortunate to live in such an amazing part of the country. I am born and raised in the South of England in a town called Bournemouth. I have lived here my whole life and honestly, when I was younger I hated it. But growing up, you start to appreciate how lucky you are and I have really started to appreciate what Is sat right there on my front door. 
My parents are divorced, so every Saturday I go and visit my dad for a catch up. Our favourite thing to do is to get our welly boots on, wrap up warm in our coats and go for a nice long walk... obviously planning the walk around a pub so we can then stop for food. Duh! 

Recently, I have been taking my camera along with me to capture the amazing sights I am so used to seeing everyday. 
In Bournemouth we are very lucky to have the forest only 20 minutes away and then the beach 5 minutes away. There is so much to do and so much to see. My favourite place to go is a place called Studland. To get here to have to take a short ferry trip, but that's all part of the fun. Studland then leads to a place called Swanage, which if I had the money, I would definitely move there! Over on this part of the country, you have everything. Forest, Beach, Pubs And just everything that makes a great walk and some amazing pictures. 

So if you ever want to find me on a Saturday, you know where to come. 

| Harrison |